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We pride ourselves on being flexible. If you have a particular need or situation, we have a team of developers ready to explore and assess your ideas. We won't try to squish you into a one-size-fits-all box!

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Automated Email client updated:
Please let us know if you encounter order notification email delivery issues.

Advanced PBX Live Real-time order status by phone:
Your eCartsoft Account is now telephone enabled!. Don't miss out on the time saving you would get not answering "Where is my stuff" calls. PBX service already included in your monthly fee (It is FREE!).

Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and Bestbuy Market place integrations:
Post your inventory to Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and Bestbuy Market place. (Coming soon!)


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One Page Checkout: Quick checkout.

FedEx Online Server (updated):
You will need your FedEx Account Number, Meter Number, Key and Password.

Vendor login:
Vendors are now able to login to their own private control panel and retrieve/edit items ordered, only orders that pertains to that vendor is accessible.

Buy Button form Editor:
You are now able to Edit existing eCartsoft's buy buttons, no need to recreate the button again. Just provide a full URL to where eCartsoft's "add to cart" buttons are located and you are set and ready to add / edit product options and all other features. All buttons on that page.

Multi-User Access:
Multi-User Access allows the Primary Login to give multiple users various levels of access to a single eCartsoft account.

Referral rewards (Word of Mouth Marketing):
Referral rewards, use the the best form of advertising; Word of Mouth Marketing. Pay referral fees or referral reward points to your customer redeemable at your store or payable in cash. Your customer can be your best sales person, satisfy them, pay them a little, and you got a loyal source of income for many years to come. Open the path to a cheaper, better, limitless, performance based form of adverting. You do not need just Google anymore, were all of your competition is. Make a little more money, instead of paying it all to Google, pay some to your customers, make them happy, and reap the benefit over and over again.

Override bundle: Items associated together as a bundle can be replaced with a new bundle. Override bundle, allows a more controlled way of managing items in a bundle, by removing all products in the cart that belong to a bundle and replacing them with a new set of products or a single product. Valid field content may include "1" or "yes" or "true" while using the "bundle_id" field above to id the bundle to replace. You may also remove other products that are not associated this product bundle_id field above. Provide "bundle_id1,bundle_id2,bundle_id3,bundle_id4,....etc" for as many bundle ids you would like to remove products of.

Item quantity decimals: Set whether a product quantity can have fractions and if so, how many decimal places are allowed. Can be set to 0 (off, i.e. whole numbers only), 1, 2 or 3 decimal places.

Item sale starts on date: Item sale starts on date, item will not be allowed to be added to the cart/ordered before date above has been reached.

Item sale expires on date: Item sale expires on date, item will not be allowed to be added to the cart/ordered once the date above has passed.

Require SKU: Item SKUs provided here will be required to be in the basket prior to the addition of this item to cart.

Required SKU error message: This error field is used only when the above field ( "require_sku" ) was used. Please provide an error on the required item(s).

Require sku url: Field is used only when the above field ( "require_sku" ) is used. Please provide a URL to the required item(s).

User must be signed in: User must be signed in. If enabled, user will not be able to add to cart without registration or a sign-in.
Basket Coupons and Payment Method discounts: Improved

Gift Certificates: Improved Real-time delivery of multiple Gift Certificates to multiple recipients via email. Please Obtain the new updated HTML code from the "Product Manager".

Sales Tax Manager: Improved Added support to Tax by City.

USAePay: Added support USAePay Payment gateway.

SecurePay: Added support SecurePay Payment gateway.

MyVirtualMerchant/MerchantConnect: Added support MyVirtualMerchant/MerchantConnect Payment gateway.

Export to USPS Click-n-Ship Address Book.

Export to UPS WorldShip.

Create Unlimited item bundles:
Product/Service Bundling (bundled pricing), Items can be associated together as a bundle (kits,packages), if any of the items in the bundle removed from the cart, then all items in that bundle will also be removed from the cart. (allows for package pricing or just enforces the sale of items together, like kits or packages.)Those same items in the bundle can be sold at a higher price; if outside the bundle.

Product Coupons Improved
It is now possible to use the "basket coupon code box" (in the cart) with the "product coupons" feature. Much Improved control over the product coupon; it is now possible allow free shipping per product, change product shipping calculation, modify product reward points, change quantity discounts and much more..

Frequent Buyer Rewards Program
Frequent Buyer Rewards Program Buyer Rewards Promote Customer loyalty. Rewards Program is the way to reward you customers for making purchases at your store. For every dollar your customer spends, they will earn points redeemable on future purchases at your on-line store. The more your customer buys, the more points they earn for every dollar they spend. The only thing they need to do is make sure they set up an account the first time they check out and remember their login info for subsequent orders. Customers know that the offers they receive will be based on their past loyalty and the size of their budget. This concept was first explored when airlines instituted frequent flyer programs to reward and encourage customer loyalty. You now can jump on the bandwagon, offering use of buyer rewards that reward customers with a cash discount after they buy a specified amount. It works for loaves of bread, pounds of coffee, video rentals,haircuts, and exercise classes to name a few products and services.

Automatic Email Follow Up:
Shoppers who have filled out a shopping cart and abandoned it automatically receive an e-mail within a couple of hours letting them know that you realize that they didn't complete their order and include a link that will take them directly back to their shopping cart. If the shopper doesn't respond to the e-mail, two to three days later another e-mail is generated with an incentive for their order. ( survey, A recent survey by shows that consumers abandon 30% of all online shopping cartswithout making a purchase.)
Enjoy free processing until 2008 & $50 AdWords bonus - brings you Google Checkout! (LEVEL II)
As part of our commitment to help you grow your business, we'd like to announce that now supports Google Checkout™.
Google Checkout is an exciting new checkout process that is quickly gaining popularity with buyers and sellers. And from now until 2008, Google will process your Checkout sales for free!

Through, you can easily integrate Google Checkout into your website to enable your customers to buy from you quickly and securely, using a single username and password. Once customers make a purchase, you can use Checkout to charge their credit cards, process their orders, and deposit funds in your bank account. Millions of buyers already use Google Checkout and familiar names like Toys-R-Us, Jockey and Zales are offering this new checkout method to their customers.

USPS WebTools - Print USPS shipping labels
USPS Web Tools API Delivery Confirmation shipping labels, USPS Web Tools API Signature Confirmation shipping labels and support for USPS real-time Rate Calculator. You are now able to print USPS shipping labels directly from your shopping cart account using a laser printer. No need to copy and paste customer information to USPS website to print shipping labels.

Protx - UK based payment gateway support Support for GBP, EUR and USD Currencies

Automated Drop Shipping
Identify a unique vendor for each product, so that when an order comes in, the vendor can ship the product to the customer from their warehouse.

Basket Zip code Entry:
Allow your customers to obtain a real-time shipping quote from UPS, USPS by providing their zip code at the basket without a full account registration.

LinkPoint API / YourPay payment gateway support.

Private Label Reseller Program
Developers & ISP's : Would you like to run your own eCartsoft shopping Cart Business?click here to register.

QuickBooks Integration
Streamline your accounting operations with the integrated QuickBooks export tool. Automatically extract orders and customer data into QuickBooks. Click here to download. Free to use while in beta!

Combine Multiple Shipping Calculation Modules (UPS , USPS Online Server)
It is now possible to pick/switch in real-time a shipping calculation module (UPS online, USPS Online, by zip code range table, by weight table etc....) to calculate shipping costs based on product shipping preference or based on Country, order total weight range, zip code range or order subtotal price range.

Calculate VAT, GST PST/HST type Taxes
Support for VAT, GST, PST/HST. Calculate Tax by State, by Zip/Postal code and by Country. Support for multiple States, Zip/Postal codes ranges and countries.

Calculate a fee per usage of a payment method
Cash Discount - Charge a percent or a flat dollar fee per use of a Payment Method (charge 3% to use a credit card, 10.00$ handling for "Cash on delivery" shipments, -3% discount for checks etc..). Use "-" to give out a discount.

2Checkout Payment Gateway Support
2Checkout Payment Gateway, similar to paypal IPN/PayPal PRO. is now Google Checkout Certified
Full support for level 1 and 2.

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